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Okay! The nationalities most likely to cheat on holiday

The list of nationalities most likely to cheat during summer has been revealed. According to a study ,Britons are Europe’s most loyal lovers and least likely to cheat when on a foreign holiday,while the French the most likely to chance an illicit romp.

The pan-European online survey of  Europeans from 10 different countries, was carried out by dating app ‘Happn’.
For the French, over half of those questioned (54 per cent) admitted considering vacation sun-kissed sex behind their partner’s back.

Nationalities’ likelihood of cheating this summer

1 – France, 54 per cent

2 – Italy, 53 per cent

3 – Spain, 45 per cent

4 – Sweden, 42 per cent

5 – Belgium, 38 per cent

6 – Netherlands, 35 per cent

7 – Portugal, 33 per cent

8 – Denmark, 30 per cent

9 – Norway, 28 per cent

10 – UK, 27 per cent

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