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12 Honest Reasons Why Girls Only Love Bad Boys

Have you ever wondered what are the reasons girls only love bad boys? It often irritates good guys that all woman have an illogical soft spot for massive jerks and they find them very appealing. Although they regret the experience afterward but the soft spot is still there. The appeal, the unpredictability, and masculinity make them go weak on their knees.

1. They Are Unpredictable And It Keeps Them on Edge.

When you are unpredictable you are never boring and who doesn’t wants to have unlimited access to fun in life. Unpredictability is greater appeal than wearing nice suits and being very polite.

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  1. Francis Dibia

    SO REMAIN BAD BCOS OF A GIRL.D same girls will b going to prayer house carrying a good man picture to marry her…my idea,mak skirt no mak u da bad o..

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